Simple Painting and Crafting

Stay tuned for quick and easy bite size tutorials for painting and crafting at home! I’m artist April Small and I am a long time acrylic paint instructor and certified Master life Coach/Therapeutic Art Life Coach who you can connect with directly on Facebook . I live to bring people and communities together to be creative and particularly helping individuals to find your creative path. Check my business page Odonata Artistic Services  for my upcoming in person or virtual classes and workshops or join my group Creating HeART to further develop your creative habit.

I am super excited to start delivering these simple tips so you can practice getting creative in the comfort of home. Especially since we are unable to meet in person at this time due to social distancing because of COVID-19 I think now more than ever we should be leaning in to our creativity and further developing our creative habit which can be extremely beneficial to our mental health. I am also really excited to connect with those of you who do not live in my area and all of you that are interested in my favorite medium, acrylic painting on canvas!

So feel free to subscribe to my blog and get access to tips that will help you on your path as an artist!

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