Bloodstone heARTwork


Favored by Roman Gladiators this stone has beautiful hues of green with flecks of red or yellow jasper.
SiO2 is the chemical formula.
Connected to Root Chakra, planet Mars, and earth element. Good crystal for Aries, Pisces and Libra zodiacs!

Bloodstone is connected to the root chakra, used to heighten intuition, motivation and increase creativity. Gives courage and teaches to avoid danger. Known for endurance and strength and energizing. Calms the mind, dispels confusion and enhances decision making process.

Bloodstone can be warn continually for good health, energy cleanser and immune stimulator. Reenergizes the body and mind and detoxifies the liver, intestines, kidneys and bladder. Place over your thymus to use as an immune stimulator.
Place in a bowl of water by your bedside to insure peaceful sleep.

Finishing working with the wonderful BLOODSTONE 😍 the message that came through was such a great reminder of how beautiful we all become because of the struggles we face. Thank you bloodstone for your divine wisdom and radiating strength, courage and creative intuition. 🙏

After the fact I had some amazing inspiration come through which took the heARTwork even further. I created an acrylic Bear Totem painting that I really enjoyed and when looking at it invokes the energies of strength, encourage and endurance. Can you feel the bears POWER, allow yourself to connect with it and feel in to your own personal strength.

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