Scribble Line Drawing

Hey there lovely creator!💕

This week I have the PERFECT project for all you skeptics out there that I learned on my Vision Quest with Whitney Freya Studio. I know so many of you find the idea of being creative stressful. I have the pleasure of working with so many different people and one thing many of them have had in common is the dreaded misconception that they are not good enough, “I’m just not creative” or “I can’t even draw a stick figure”. The truth is you are good enough and YOU ARE CREATIVE, we all are!

Unfortunately this is the result of years of growing up and significantly relying on our left side brain functioning, the logical side, always making sense of things and not doing as much imagining like we once did way back when we we’re children.

SO, what can we do to check out of the left and in to the right, our fun in the moment playful side!? We can flex the creative muscle with simple fun projects like these and like I said I have a great project to share with you this week that requires absolutely NO SKILL. Check out my scribble⬇️

In case you don’t already know I am artist April Small and I am a long time acrylic paint class instructor and certified Master life Coach/Therapeutic Art Life Coach who you can connect with directly on Facebook . I love to bring people and communities together to get creative and particularly LOVE helping individuals like you to find your creative path. Each and every one of us has their own unique creative voice and I feel as though it is my special place her on earth to help others tap into that innate creative being that is often lying dormant deep within you. We as humans have a strong desire to take our ideas and see them into existence, we find so much pleasure and joy in the creative process and build confidence and self-esteem when we see the results of our efforts. Check my business page Odonata Artistic Services  for my upcoming in person or virtual classes and workshops or join my group Creating HeART to further develop your creative habit.

Its All In The Scribble


📒For the surface we are using a simple piece of paper.

✏Pens colored pencils, markers…. whatever you have laying around. I use these Art Markers from Amazon and a Sketch Set from Michael’s.

🖌Although you could adapt this project to other surfaces like a canvas with paint instead!


1️⃣First you are going to choose what you would like to use for your scribble. I chose to use markers for the project, (again it does not matter take a look at what you have) and I simply looked through my markers to find one color that jumped out at me. Get the one that excites you when you see it!

Once you have chosen your magic wand your going to put it to paper.

2️⃣Now I really want you to go with me here, you need to first shake off the day. So wiggle your arms and legs, LOOSEN UP, then sit down and take a few long, slow, deep breaths… In and out.

Do this for a few minutes till you feel nice and relaxed.

3️⃣When you are ready you are going to close your eyes and move your marker (or whatever you have) around on the paper for 1, 2, 3-5 seconds and then STOP

4️⃣Now open your eyes and see what what happened! Take your time looking at the squiggle line you have created. NO SHAPE SIZE OR MORE OR LESS AMOUNT OF SQUIGGLE IS WRONG. Any thing goes with this. Sometimes it takes longer than others but just like when your searching the clouds in the sky for different objects they look like, that’s what your going to do here.

See what you come up with!

5️⃣Then take your other pens, pencils, crayons whatever you may have and start adding to it. Filling it in making more lines elaborating on what you seen in your scribble. Most importantly HAVE FUN WITH IT! There’s no grade here this is just you checking out for a little while relaxing and flexing the creative muscle.

I hope you enjoyed this fun easy project as much as I did! Have your family give it a try as well!

👉Once you have completed your project I really hope🤞🤞🤞 you share how it went and what you came up with! Please feel free to comment below and/or on Facebook (OdonataByAS) and Instagram (OdonataArtisticServices) I am here if you have an questions or run in to any issues during the process and will get back to you as quickly as I can within my ability to do so.

💓Sending lots of love to you and best wishes on your magical creative journey,

Artist and friend April Small💕

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