Honey Calcite Crystal heARTwork

Honey Calcite also known as Amber or Golden Calcite is one of my favorites and here’s why!

💛it’s the perfect stone for when your starting a new project! It helps you connect with your will and intention also connecting with those creative vibes needed to hit that creative flow and ride the wave to a successful completion of your project!💛

Honey, Amber or Golden Calcite 💛 is an amazing stone for when you’re diving deep into projects of any sort! Calcium carbonate (calcite) mineral can be found all over, it’s one of the most abundant minerals on earth!

This stone connects with the Crown, Third Eye, Sacral and Root Chakras, elements of Earth, Air and Fire and the planet Earth. Great stone for Cancer zodiacs. Chemical Formula CaCO3

Honey Calcite is great for mental alertness, grounding higher mental energies in the physical realm, increase feelings of self-worth, confidence, courage, and assists us to overcome obstacles. This why it is such a great stone to use when you have an important project in the works!

Place on your Crown or Third Eye Chakra to connect with higher mental planes, place on sacral for creativity and align with the vibration of creative flow, write your intentions and meditate with the stone to set the stage for success at the start of a project!

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